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Make-A-Wish®: Wish Stories

If I could go anywhere . . .If I could meet anyone . . . If I could have anything . . .If I could be anything . .

We are happy to share a few stories of beautiful children and their wishes.  This is what it is all about and why your donation is so important.

Make-A-Wish®: Wish Stories
A Ray of Sunshine
Haley's Swimming Pool 'The Highlight of the Year'


Haley, a five-year-old from Allegheny County, loves sports and playing outdoors. Whether it is on a team or just around the neighborhood, Haley likes playing soccer and enjoys showing off her cartwheels and backflips in gymnastics. When it's rainy out, she kicks back inside playing games on her computer and watching DVDs. Like most kids her age, she Haley loves the summer time and playing outdoors. When she was approached about her wish, Haley decided she wanted her very own swimming pool in her backyard.

At the end of July 2010, Haley's swimming pool was ordered and installed in her backyard. She chose a pool and a deck because she loves to swim. She also received pool toys with her swimming pool such as a beach ball, a raft, and a kickboard. Haley opened her pool by thanking everyone for making her wish come true and then did a cannonball to jump in her new pool. Her mother says that she hasn't stopped smiling since her pool arrived.

"She sat in amazement watching her pool be built. A grin ear to ear was permanent that day on Haley's face," said Haley's mom, referring to how her daughter felt watching her swimming pool being installed. "The installation team allowed Haley in the pool while the water was put in. She described that moment as 'awesome, the highlight of the year.' Since the pool has arrived, rain or shine, Haley spent every summer day enjoying it.  Haley's Make-A-Wish swimming pool truly changed her life and happiness."

Not only will the pool provide her with fun in the sun, but it will also be very therapeutic for her. It will be a relaxing outdoor activity that she can do in between her doctors and hospital visits. Haley is very grateful for her pool and she is looking very forward to having her friends and family over for swimming parties for many years to come.

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