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Cris' Animal Friends Critter of the Week for November 23rd:


Pitt Bull Mix

Andrew is one of those dogs who's been gifted with the “happy hormone.” Despite the cruelty he endured before being rescued, he is now a grateful, happy dog who loves life and everyone in it.

Animal Friends' Humane Officers found Andrew abandoned in a yard with no one to care for him.When he came to us, he was in poor condition, but he has spent a great deal of time at the shelter, where he has been recovering.

Andrew came into us with something called Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA) and has been receiving ongoing care. AIHA is a disease in which the body attacks its own red blood cells, so our Andrew will require a special home and ongoing medical care.

He gets lots of attention here at Animal Friends and is a volunteer and staff favorite. He has a bit of a reputation as a character and we love to watch his antics! He always acts like it was never him who threw that toy or stole that ball from you!

Although Andrew loves to play with people, we are recommending that he be the only animal in the home, so he can steal all the snuggles!

He now knows what it’s like to have the love and attention of humans and would like to return the favor! Please come and visit Andrew. He would love to meet you! (P.S. Bring a tennis ball...you may need one!)

Someone believes in Andrew so much that they have sponsored his adoption. He truly is priceless!

Click here to watch his video! . Then come to Animal Friends to meet him!
Animal Friends is a non-profit companion animal resource center serving the needs of pets and people since 1943. Our progressive programs have been nationally recognized and include humane rescue, shelter and adoption services for over 2,500 pets annually, humane education, pet behavior classes, pet-assisted therapy, wellness programs and more.

In addition, Animal Friends is leading the way towards ending pet overpopulation in western Pennsylvania through comprehensive, community-wide spay/neuter programming. Animal Friends relies on donations from the community. For more information, visit http://www.ThinkingOutsideTheCage.org.

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