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Richard Ducote, PC

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While most child custody cases should end in appropriate, agreed upon co-parenting arrangements, cases which involve domestic violence, sexual abuse, and physical abuse require courts to consider the protection of victims as their first priority. Custody orders, which work well in ordinary cases, are often disastrous when domestic violence and/or child abuse threaten the protective parent or children.

Pittsburgh attorney Richard Ducote, has devoted his 34 year legal career to representing child abuse and domestic violence victims, taking him to 44 states. Richard Ducote, PC is the ONE law firm in Pittsburgh that is nationally recognized as a leading advocate for abused women and children in family court cases.

Richard Ducote PC focuses on the following types of cases:

• Divorce and custody cases involving child physical or sexual abuse, or domestic violence.

• Problematic child custody evaluators or mental health professionals.

• Child abuse, sexual abuse, and domestic violence tort cases (damages lawsuits).

• Criminal defense of abuse victims and parents prosecuted for protecting themselves or their children from abuse.

• Family court due process violations.

• Child custody and domestic violence appeals.

• Problematic guardians ad litem.

• Lawsuits against abusive clergy or other professionals.

• Civil rights violations.

• Other serious personal injury cases.

• Malpractice by attorneys, physicians, and mental health professionals.

To learn how Richard Ducote can help call 412-687-2020 or to learn more please click here.

Richard Ducote, PC
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