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Street Treat Patrol
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We’re still rolling all over Pittsburgh through Labor Day with music and delicious treats for everyone!

 Limited dates still available.  Don't wait - book your organization's event today.!  See instructions below. 
Street Treat Events
Wish 99.7 Street Treat Patrol
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Street Treat Patrol Info

The WISH 99.7 STREET TREAT PATROL happily furnishes public community events with snack items free of charge for up to 99 minutes per visit, while featuring the on-air sounds of WISH 99.7 over our self-contained speaker system on-board our truck. As the representative of your organization, you must have committee approval to book a STREET TREAT PATROL visit. We do not want to interfere with your fund raising activities. If your organization is selling food, snacks, or beverages, please be aware that the WISH 99.7 STREET TREAT PATROL is giving away ice cream and/or frozen treats, snacks and soda. During the month of October, THE WISH 99.7 STREET TREAT PATROL is “HALLOWEEN” THEMED. Organizations that frown on the celebration of Halloween should not book a visit by the WISH 99.7 STREET TREAT PATROL.

Here's how to book your event:

The Street Treat Patrol operates between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and the "Haunted" Street Treat Patrol operates between October 1st and Halloween. There are no exceptions. We are booking events for the Summer season ONLY after April 15th of that calendar year. You must phone WISH 99.7's Promotions Office and speak with Maureen Brady, WISH 99.7's Marketing Director, between 8:30 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Call 412 875-9500 x202.  NOTE:  Voice mail messages do not constitute confirmed bookings.

Please have the following information available:

1.The name of your organization and the event

2.The date and time of your event

3.Permission from your organization's leadership to have us visit your event. We will be distributing ice cream, snacks, soda pop, and other available items at no cost. If your organization is selling food items, you may want to reconsider having the Street Treat Patrol visit your event.

4. A complete address and directions to the event.

5. An estimated number of attendees you expect to visit the event while WISH 99.7's Street Treat Patrol is there.

6. A contact name and phone number, and also a cell phone number for a representative who will be at the event in case our drivers have difficulty in getting to the event.

7. Safe access into and out of your event area. You may need to have some representatives lead us onto the grounds where your event is being held. You are responsible for directing traffic and keeping pedestrians out of the path of our vehicle as it moves.

8.Electricity, on-site, so that we can power our freezer and sound equipment.

9. Businesses requesting an appearance by the WISH 99.7 Street Treat Patrol will pay a fee for a visit, even if that business is hosting a fund raising event for a charity.

WISH 99.7 reserves the right to determine which events the Street Treat Patrol visits. Our visits will last no longer than 99-minutes, and once our staff determines that everyone at your event has been properly served, we will depart your event. The Street Treat Patrol vehicle will feature the music of WISH 99.7 while at your event. Our speakers will be audible only in the area where the Street Treat Patrol vehicle is parked. We do not furnish a sound system for any other use, and cannot make public address announcements.

We will do our best to insure a happy, safe, and fun event!
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